The Fitness Mantra of 2013

With the New Year closing in, new seminars and events are regularly held to enlighten people with the new findings in the world of fitness. Firstly, it has to understand that fitness is not synonymous to a ripped body with six packs and bulging biceps. It means having a healthy body, which results in a healthy mind.

green-mac-wallpaper-mental-weight-loss-methodFitness experts are now pushing people to reduce their gym time and choose other exercises that are natural. A survey concluded that running for half hour in a park is better than running for half an hour on a treadmill. It is important to lift heavy weights for muscles to stay fit; however, depending solely on a gym is a strictly no-no.

Functional training is the new trend. A lot of athletes, including Greg Plitt are big advocates of functional training, which works on every part of your body and is a complete workout. Additionally, people will have to take care of their diet too and maintain healthy weight for a healthy life. It is vital for people to keep a balance.

Classical methods, such as kettle bell are now out. However, yoga is one thing that found great success in 2012 and is expected to find more appreciation in 2013. It is an easy and beautiful way of staying fit, and relaxes you as well, much better than online casino games which many housewives turned to! Seems like there’s a bad habit developing, as a recent study reveals that online casinos got every 5th housewife in their ban with their bonus offers…

Getting back to the poaint, it is also expected that more people will move towards personal trainers using new tricks, such as Zumba. These new fitness tricks are going to be in fashion in 2013 and we’ll hopefully see a fitter world.

Join the New Speedminton Craze

If you think you have been spending way too much time in front of your computer playing casino online games and are in desperate needs of inspiration to find a fun hobby, this game might be what you have been looking for.

Speedminton is really a mix between tennis and badminton is performed having a special racquet along with a “Speeder” and may be performed anywhere. You are able to play inside at any gym, indoor tennis court or by the pool. Even when it’s a little windy, you are able to still abide by simply nipping a wind ring to the Speeder for additional stability. You may also play during the night by placing a small glow stick in to the Speeder! No internet is needed. You can just make use of the portable playing area or even the cones presented to mark your limitations.

Each player has their space delimited through the laces and ribbons or even the cones. The aim is to try and hit the Speeder into to opponent‘s square. When the Speeder falls around the outdoors, it’s their point. Whether it falls on track or even the opponent does not hit it back, it’s yours.

Speedminton is simple to experience, quite a bit of fun and may be performed by anybody, anywhere and anytime!